Om Banna AKA Bullet Baba Temple Pali Rajasthan.

Located just off NH-65, a few kilometers from my hometown ie. Pali Rajasthan on the Pali-Jodhpur highway is one of the most unusual temples of its kind in India.
A Bullet Baba Temple dedicated to a motorcycle and its rider; a pilgrimage for local people and every traveler who passes from this particular highway.

The Story of Om Banna Temple

Back in 1991, Om Singh Rathore AKA Om Banna or Bullet Baba was riding his Royal Enfield and return back from pali town to his village Chotila – Pali district at night, when he hit a tree,  and died on the spot.

During the investigation, the local police took his bike to the police station. But the bike appeared at the accident spot the next day under mysterious circumstances. The cops brought back the bike to the police station, emptied its fuel tank, and chained the vehicle. But the next day, the bike appeared once again at the accident spot. This happened over a couple of days. When the locals came to know about the incident, they were convinced that there was a divine power behind it. A shrine was then built for the Royal Enfield and its owner.

The temple is named after ‘Om Singh’. Banna is a common term among the Rajputs of Rajasthan to address a boy. Over time, the Om Banna temple also came to be known as the Bullet Baba Temple.

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Belief / Rituals

People tie red threads to the bike and to the tree that caused the accident. Bangles are tucked into the wooden frames of the shrine
There is a belief among the locals that one must pray to om Banna temple for a safe trip before they start their new journey. Even on the NH-65 makes a quick halt for driving passersby wanting to pray and take blessings before they head onwards.

A huge fair organized On every year 2 December death anniversary of om banna by local people and temple committee people comes in large number on this particular day because they found this particular day very auspicious.

Offerings include Incense sticks, flowers, coconut, liquor, red thread and sweets. 

How to reach here?

Om Banna Temple or Bullet Baba is located on the National Highway 65 in the Chotila village – Rohat between Jodhpur and Pali-Rajasthan. The biggest commercial and tourist city is Jodhpur, 50kms away.

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